Criteria for selection of Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital 2014

Why Sharjah?

Having been found to conform to the required standards, Sharjah has been selected as the Islamic Culture Capital of the Arab Region for 2014 as part of the Islamic Culture Capital program, which is sponsored and supervised by the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ISESCO).

Given its cultural and intellectual legacy, Sharjah has been given this title with the approval of the fourth session of the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers, which was held in Algeria in December 2004.

Thanks to its long history and scientific reputation, Sharjah has managed to hold a prominent cultural position in the UAE and the wider Arab region.

It has distinctively contributed to Islamic and human culture through the interest of its wise leadership in the scientific, cultural, literary and artistic works of its intellects, authors and artists.

Sharjah, with its university city and numerous scientific research facilities, manuscript libraries and archaeological centers, has been a magnet for researchers, as well as art, culture and science enthusiasts.

In addition to its famous set of Islamic monuments, schools, mosques and public parks, Sharjah boasts literary and intellectual institutions that are active in stirring the cultural life of individuals and groups and organizing cultural festivals, including book fairs, painting exhibitions, theatrical performances and translation and publishing activities.

In summary, due to the conformity of its Islamic cultural and civilizational character with all the necessary criteria, Sharjah has been crowned as the Islamic Culture Capital of the Arab Region for 2014.