Artist Khalid Al Sheikh puts finishing touches to melodies of epic “The Clusters of Light”

Wednesday March 12th, 2014
Artist Khalid Al Sheikh puts finishing touches to melodies of epic “The Clusters of Light”

The great Bahraini musician and composer Khalid Sheikh has announced the completion of the musical and theatrical epic “The Clusters of Light” – the largest of its kind about Islam, involving more than 200 actors and four of the top Arabs stars, Hussein Al Jasmi, Lotfi Bouchnak, Ali Hajjar and Mohammed Assaf.

He says that this international piece of art, which will be presented on the stage of the Al Majaz island in Sharjah, from 26th March to April 4th, will present a new and unique type of artistic performance. Stressing that Sharjah is always at the forefront of cultural and artistic initiatives in the region, he says it is the message carried by “ The Clusters of Light” which is the biggest motivation behind its creation that the public will see live and on television.

Al Sheikh added that this art theater epic “combines three different art generations, including artists Lotfi Bouchnak and Ali Hajjar of one generation, artists Hussein Al Jasmi and Mohammed Assaf of another, and different generations of the audience”.

Khalid Al Sheikh emphasizes that each and every one of the four artists covers a very large area of the musical spectrum, from the bass voice of Ali Hajjar to Mohammed Assaf at the top, covering 20 tones of the musical scale in total.

He added that this work represents another way that music can be used, beyond daily songs, including telling the tale of the Prophet, beace be upon him. He expressed his confidence that the German artist Christian Steinhauser will present beautiful music for an expectant public.
The production has high technical requirements too, of course, with many staff participating in the preparation and specialists in representation of supposed historical scenes, using techniques unprecedented in the Arab world and more than 200 actors.

“The Clusters of Light” will be shown on Al- Majaz Island’s Open Theatre, the official residence of Sharajah’s celebrations for its award of Capital of Islamic Culture. The theatre is semicircular and 7238m2 in area and can accommodate about 4,500 spectators. It is also equipped with world class audio equipment and includes a bridge connecting Khalid Lake Street and the Island.