Clusters of Light
The greatest story ever told

Sharjah continues to expand its presence in the world of culture, organising and hosting events through which the audience can stand at the threshold of history. Sharjah has been home to the most distinguished poets, and is a custodian of books, manuscripts and fine art from the region’s shores and beyond. These treasures, the custody of which Sharjah takes so seriously, makes the Emirate the place to go for those who love the written word, the painted canvas, the carved stone, or the woven thread. Sharjah sees itself as place where the very nature of the human condition throughout the ages can be experienced. And the rest of the world must see it too, with accolades aplenty, including Islamic Capital of Culture 2014. Today, we commence our festivities in Sharjah through the greatest theatrical artwork in the history of Islam, an oratorio called – ‘Clusters of Light’ –, which tells the story of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. This is the greatest tale in our Islamic history, and its re-telling is the culmination of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, who wanted to commission an artwork celebrating Islam, clarifying its tolerance and promoting its human values. This is to be an artwork recorded for posterity and engraved in the memories of coming generations. We wanted to commence our festivities with this great theatrical artwork re-telling the tale of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him; a tale which shows how Islam was involved in moving the world out from the Middle and Dark Ages before it. The story of the Prophet also shaped the first milestones of the Islamic Civilization that was characterized, back then, with respect for reason and a love of culture, science and prosperity. We have insisted on making this artwork monumental in its equipment, details, expertise and energies, so as to befit our Glorious Prophet (peace be upon him) and the religion in which more than a billion people around the world believe. This show will be the talk of the Islamic world for months and years to come. With this oratorio production, we worked with a large number of global and Arab technicians and cinematographers, as well as the historians and scholars of the story of the Prophet, peace be upon him. We worked with people with international reputations in theatre, to ensure it would be as technically exceptional as any telling of any other story. From Sharjah, the Islamic Capital of Culture, we dedicate this artwork to the entire world, with its various nationalities and ethnicities, doctrines and affiliations, and invite them to hear the story of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and about Islam. We wish to enrich the global intellectual system by promoting the intellectual achievements of Islam all those centuries past, which serve and highlight the Islamic Culture, in order that present and future generations can draw reason, passion, and inspiration from a proud past.