Sharjah to Launch SICC 2014 Logo

Tuesday February 18th, 2014

Sharjah intends to launch the logo of its title as the Islamic Culture Capital of the Arab Region 2014 (SICC 2014) on Sunday evening in the presence of dignitaries from the UAE and beyond, as well as local, Arab and international media.

With plans for over 100 events and 24 new heritage, tourism, cultural and architectural projects, Sharjah is preparing to welcome this seminal event with the beginning of next year.

Set to represent a civilizational achievement of benefit to many generations to come, the projects will help Sharjah establish itself as the capital of Islamic culture. They will also make it
a significant destination for Islamic culture tourists all over the globe by emphasizing its cultural and Islamic presence in the world map.

According to Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qassimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Centre, the selection of Sharjah as the capital of Islamic culture comes in culmination of its efforts in the global cultural and Islamic scene.

Having been found to conform to the required standards, Sharjah has been selected as the Islamic Culture Capital of the Arab Region 2014 as part of the Islamic Culture Capital program, which is sponsored and supervised by the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ISESCO).

Given its cultural and intellectual legacy, Sharjah has been awarded this title with the approval of the fourth session of the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers, which was held in Algeria in December 2004.

According to ISESCO, the emirate has distinctively contributed to Islamic and human culture through the interest of its wise leadership in the scientific, cultural, literary and artistic works of its intellects, authors and artists.